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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Hacking!

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Hacking!

Today we're proud to announce the launch of the Offensive Warfare 2.0 Hacking and Security Community!

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Offensive Warfare 2.0 - Official Community Launch Announcement

Dear Offensive Warfare 2.0 Community Member,

It's been several years and unfortunately a decade since we last communicated though the visionary eyes of my research circa 2008-2013 when we used to rock the boat in terms of publishing quality third-party research and analysis successfully educating hundreds of thousands of users on current cyber attacks techniques and methodologies on current and emerging Web-based attacks spreading knowledge data and information successfully educating the Security Community and the Security Industry on current and emerging cyber threats.


Following a successful series of productive and knowledge and information-driven years in the works including hundreds of thousands of loyal users the Bulgarian hacker and Information Security expert Dancho Danchev (http://ddanchev.blogspot.com) - today's World's leading expert in the field of cybercrime research security blogging and Threat Intelligence gathering with over a decade in experience in fighting malicious and nation-state malicious and fraudulent actors leading to a successful set of hundreds of published quality analysis and research articles is proud to present the general availability and official launch of the Offensive Warfare 2.0 Hacking and Cyber Security Community.

Throughout 2003-2006 under the leadership of CEO and Managing Director - Dancho Danchev - while working for Astalavista Security Group successfully producing a high-quality Security Newsletter (https://packetstormsecurity.com/groups/astalavista) is proud to present a variety of proprietary and industry-leading products and services serving the needs of millions of users globally on a daily basis positioning the newly launched portal as the World's Leading Information Security Portal under the management of CEO and Managing Director - Dancho Danchev - including the Official Launch of the Offensive Warfare 2.0 Hacking and Cyber Security Community empowering hundreds of thousands of users globally on a daily basis with the necessary data information and knowledge to stay ahead of current and emerging threats successfully enriching their security career path establishing new working connections including a variety of industry-leading and community-driven partnerships offering the full spectrum of Subscription-based Security and Hacking Community 2.0 Products and Services.

The Security Group Security Lab circa - 2006


What used to be a personal hobby of Technical Collector of malicious software thorough the 90's while working for Trojan Defense Suite and LockDownCorp when I was not busy playing computer games on my IBM clone also known as Pravetz 16 I was busy reading books and visiting the local school quickly matured into a professional career path full with joyful experiences and personal colleagues that I used to know and admire and cooperate and work with including the U.S Intelligence Community and the Security Industry the way we know it.

Sample screenshot courtesy of Dancho Danchev's TDS-2 Trojan and Worm Signature Database:


Sample screenshot of LockDownCorp's LockDown2000:


Among my most venerable experiences within the U.S Intelligence Community was a personal visit to the GCHQ back in 2008 where me and the Honeynet Project held a Workshop on the Current State of Cybercrime following a participation in a Top Secret Program called Lovely Horse whose purpose is to monitor Twitter for hacker conversation utilizing the Open Source for Defense mechanism including the tracking down monitoring and taking down of the Koobface botnet with the botnet masters behind the campaign leaving a message within the botnet's infected infrastructure personally greeting me including the active redirection of Facebook's entire netblock space to my personal blog including the following personal achievements in chronological order:


Security New Media Coverage - 2008-2013

Presenting with the Honeynet Project circa 2008 at the GCHQ:


Among my first professional experiences in the World of Hacking was as a primary member of a variety of hacking and Hacking Scene type of groups following a successful career and contribution as a Member to WarIndustries List Moderator at BlackCode Ravers Contributor Black Sun Research Facility  (BSRF) List Moderator Software Contributor to DiamondCS Trojan Defense (TDS-2 Trojan Information Database) contributor to LockDownCorp Contributor to HelpNetSecurity a security consultant for Frame4 Security Systems contributor to TechGenix's WindowSecurity.com security blogger for ZDNet  threat intelligence analyst for Webroot throughout the 90's.

My first appearance on Slashdot was circa 2006 with my Malware - Future Trends paper following a second appearance on Slashdot regarding my 2010's dissapearence and possible kidnapping attempt. Following a successful career as lead blogger at my personal Dancho Danchev's Blog - Mind Streams of Information Security Knowledge throughout 2008-2013 my personal cybercrime-research profiling articles and research articles have been widely accepted within popular Online News media outlets including - Techmeme, ZDNet, CNN, PCWorld, SCMagazine, TheRegister, NYTimes, CNET, ComputerWorld.

Among my favorite and personal choice games throughout the 90's that I was busy playing on a daily basis remain the following games:

Managing Director - Dancho Danchev - Astalavista Security Group - The Netherlands 2003-2006


This is perhaps the perfect timing to issue a very specific greet to my partner in life acting as Astalavista Security Group Security Newsletter Proofreader - 2003-2006 - Yordanka Ilieva - today's leading expert in the field of Investment Banking and Financial Management.


The time has come to introduce some of Offensive Warfare 2.0's official community-based services commercial products and commercial services available exclusively to Offensive Warfare 2.0 Community Members only further empowering the Offensive Wafare 2.0's generation of novice and experienced hackers crackers and security experts with the necessary data information and knowledge to stay ahead of current and emerging cyber threats.

Sample personal photo of CEO and Managing Director - Dancho Danchev - ex-hacker throughout the 90's:


Sample photo of a personal project called "Security is Futile" courtesy of CEO and Managing Director - Dancho Danchev - throughout the 90s:


Sample photo of a personal project called "Security is Futile" courtesy of CEO and Managing Director - Dancho Danchev - throughout the 90s:


Sample Security Text - "The Complete Windows Trojans Paper" courtesy of CEO and Managing Director - Dancho Danchev - throughout the 90s:


Sample photo of a popular Security Newsletter written for BlackCode Ravers courtesy of CEO and Managing Director - Dancho Danchev - throughout the 90s:


Sample ZDNet Zero Day Blog Headshot Circa 2008-2013:


New Core Offensive Warfare 2.0 Services:

  • Malware Connector - Infected with Malware? Let our experts and Security Team take care of the rest
  • Cloud Antivirus - Introducing the World's Premier Cloud-based Antivirus Scanner
  • DNS Security Service - Introducing the World's Most Comprehensive Sensor Network for anticipating and responding to current and emerging threats
  • Web Site Malware Scanner - Are you a Web site Owner? Let our service automatically scan and detect and remove malicious software from your Web site
  • Honeypot Service - Interested in learning more about cyber threats? Consider becoming part of World's Most Comprehensive Honeypot Sensor Network
  • Threat Intelligence Service - Worry about malicious software entering your network and data premises? Consider subscribing to The World's Most Comprehensive Threat Intelligence gathering and sharing Service
  • Penetration Testing Service - Are you part of a security organization worrying about the latest threats facing your infrastructure? Consider becoming part of of Red and Blue Team
  • Security Training Service - Interested in learning more about computer and network security? Consider becoming member of the World's Most Versatile Portfolio of training courses and material

Sample personal photo of CEO and Managing Director - Dancho Danchev - Presenting at InfoSec 2012:


Sample photo of CEO and Managing Director - Dancho Danchev - Presenting at RSA Europe - 2012:


Sample personal photo of CEO and Managing Director - Dancho Danchev - Presenting at CyberCamp - 2016:


New Core Offensive Warfare 2.0 Community-Oriented Services:

  • Wargames Server - Want to learn new hacking and security tricks and tools of the trade? Consider obtaining access to our sophisticated Wargames Server
  • Security and Hacking Search Engine - Introducing the World's Largest and Most Comprehensive Search Index of Hacking and Security Content
  • Hacking Mailing List - Introducing the World's leading and most proprietary Hacking Mailing List
  • Hacking E-Zine - Introducing the World's Leading Hacking E-zine featuring content from hundreds of security authors and experts from across the globe
  • Bug Bounty - Do you have experience in finding security bugs and vulnerabilities? Consider joining the World's Largest and Most Versatile Bug Bounty program
  • IRC Network - Are you a fan of IRC? Consider joining the World's Largest Hacking and Security IRC Network and talk with us in real-time
  • Security Conference - Introducing the World's Leading and Premier Security Conference Event featuring thousands of security experts conversations and discussions
  • Security Comic - Are you a fan of Comic Books? Consider obtaining access to the World's Premier and Leading Information Security and Hacking Comic Book
  • Security Incubator - Do you have an idea for a new security product or a service? Consider submitting your project proposal and we'll be happy to assist with an investment proposal
  • Security and Hacking E-Books - Introducing the World's Leading in-house portfolio of Hacking and Security E-Books empowered by hundreds of security experts and authors across the globe
  • Job Search Engine - Interested in finding the latest and hottest security job? Consider obtaining access to the World's Leading and Most Comprehensive Security Career Portal
  • Hacking Game - Enjoy playing computer games? Consider obtaining immediate access to Offensive Security 2.0 Flagship Online Premium Hacker Game
  • Hacking Radio - Enjoy listening to music and security podcasts? Consider obtaining access to Offensive Security 2.0's Security and Hacking Radio
  • Security Podcast - Enjoy listening to the latest security news and events across the industry? Consider obtaining access to Offensive Security 2.0 Premium Security Podcast
  • Security Newsletter - Enjoy keeping yourself updated with the latest security news and events across the industry? Consider obtaining access to Offensive Security 2.0's Security Newsletter

Dancho Danchev's Corporate Headshot - 2012:


Offensive Warfare 2.0 - The Future of Cyber Warfare - Hacking and Cyber Security Forum Community users should direct their general Community feedback including possible feature requests general remarks and possible recommendations to - dancho.danchev@hush.com and will promptly receive a response in terms of their recommendation.

Looking forward to begin working with you and making this community the World's Largest and Most Popular Information Security and Hacking Community.

Yours Sincerely,

Dancho Danchev

Managing Director

Offensive Warfare 2.0 - Hacking and Cyber Security Community


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